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Learn About the Evolution of Mercedes C-Class

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Mercedes is one of the high performance and luxury cars in the current market. This is the safest, innovative, and reliable car among all the other different models available. Many people do not know how this car was introduced in the market and launched its different versions.

W201 Mercedes Benz 190

This is the first Mercedes car and is popularly called as ‘Baby Benz.’ This model number “W201” has an inline 2.0-litre 4-pot that produces a heady 90bhp of power. An attractive, bulletproof small motor, with an iconic design, makes it one of the responsible, clean, and elegant car.

This car is under intense pressure to abide to rigid regulations of fuel consumption in the USA. Due to this reason, the Clean Air Act introduced by the President prompted it to launch a more efficient and smaller car.

W201 Mercedes Benz, 190 D 2.5 Turbo

A 5-pot turbo-diesel comes with an inline 2.5 liter engine that produces 122bhp power. It is also capable of a 0 to 62mph sprint of a duration of 11.5 secs.

W201 Mercedes Benz, 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution

This model arrived in the year 1989. It has an increased engine over the ‘traditional 2.3-litre 4-pot with a shorter stroke, enhanced brake systems and chassis. 16 inches wheels, 80s spec rear wing and a flat nose spoiler make it more DTM-esque. The wing present on the 235 bhp 1990 ‘Evo II’ is very bigger in size.

W202 Mercedes Benz, C36 AMG

This is the first “compact” badged model of Mercedes, that was launched in the year 1993. C36 is jointly developed by AMG and Mercedes Benz for the first time. It was the result of the co-op agreement that was signed between both the companies in the year 1990. As compared to W201, this model is quite bigger inside. There was a large boot space provided to the users.

A 3.6-litre straight 6 produced an enormous 280bhp power that assists the rear wheels to the highest speed of 155mph. Due to this reason, this has become the most powerful Mercedes C Class in the automobile market worldwide.


So, this is how the several versions of Mercedes Benz car came into existence. Mercedes has always been striving to provide the best safety, quality, performance and reliability to its users. So, every advanced version of Mercedes has something more to offer to its fans. Knowledge about the different versions of Mercedes also helps those who are interested in buying Mercedes cars.

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