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Impact of IAS preparation after they make it through the tunnel

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The journey of an IAS aspirant is not a smooth one but rather a more like an imitation of a roller-coaster ride. A ride, which is full of ups & downs and requires a tight belt of motivation & perseverance to reach the final destination. A successful IAS aspirant does not make through the exam just by studying but battling around a lot of hardships, struggles and emotional vicissitudes. The preparation gears up the aspirant to be ready for the upcoming challenges which will be greeted after the final posting. Have a look at some of the dimensions (both positive and negative) which are successfully accomplished by the aspirants after they make it through the tunnel.

1.     Recognition

As soon as the results are declared out, the successful aspirants become overnight celebrities. In fact, the long relatives call up and congratulate to the aspirant. All the famous magazines, news channels and websites approach the aspirant for his success story coverage. And in no time the person becomes a role-model or “marg-darshak” for most of the candidates.

2.     Focus and concentration

While preparing for the India’s most prestigious exam, the aspirants to dive into the ocean of knowledge and is well equipped with national and international affairs. His knowledge level goes unsurpassable. This is the result of his focus, concentration, determination power and his herculean effort.

3.     Patience

Clearing UPSC is a year long process and takes three important stages to clear namely prelims, mains and Interview. An aspirant requires an utmost level of patience to achieve that. It may happen that, things don’t turn up in your favor in one single attempt; patience is required for maintaining consistence and aiming for next attempt.

4.     Over expectations

It has been observed that the families and relatives start over expecting once the individual starts preparing for the exam. These expectations are further more aggravated after clearing round one i.e. prelims. The aspirant has to deal with extreme expectations from the mentors as well. This leads to unnecessary burden and pressure building.

5.     Peer Pressure

Peer pressure has become a big hurdle in the preparation of IAS. People start comparing the aspirant to those with his colleagues and other successful aspirants. It takes a lot of emotional stability and strength to cope up with such a scenario. This certainly makes the aspirant ready to work under utmost pressure and deal with anxiety issues.

6.     Not Being Judgmental

While preparing for the IAS interview or essay writing, the aspirant is taught not be judgmental about any aspect of the situation. The aspirant needs to wise and clever enough to give a balanced opinion and his views should not be in favored.

7.     Depression

It may happen that the aspirant may skip into depression if unable to clear the exam even after several attempts. It takes enormous amount of courage and mind set to gear yourself for the next attempt. The aspirant has to fight within himself and keep himself motivated under every situation and circumstance.

8.     Stress management

The first rule UPSC is how the aspirant manages stress. As, the real exam begins after cracking the exam when the individual gets posted to a dignified position. The aspirant has already learnt stress management in his preparation period as he has fought exceptionally well to attain a good rank amongst lakhs of aspirants in India.

9.     Working hours

An IAS aspirant is already studying 10-12 hours a day for the preparation of the India’s most prestigious exam UPSC. This makes him ready for his upcoming responsibilities which require more work and more time devotion as well.

10.   Playing against all the odds

UPSC gives a fair chance to all the citizens of India irrespective of cast, color, religion and financial status. It is indeed the determination, motivation, hardwork and patience of the aspirant which makes him stand against all the odds and achieve a respectable place in the society.

UPSC, truly justifies the preparation for it as, it tends to find out the best suitable candidates for the prestigious IAS/IPS positions. It tends to imbibe all the qualities in the aspirant during the preparation period only, before he/she is finally selected for the post.

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