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How To Strengthen Your Case-Study Preparation For A-Level Economics

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Getting Hold Of The Case-Study Paper For A Level

Students have a concept that the data extracted from their case study questions provide the complete required data to solve the puzzle. If they fail to understand the extracted data, they have no chance to pass the exam. They are very nervous while extracting data and their understanding is badly affected by this nervous behavior. This behavior also affects the process of extracting the useful and important informational data which is a very devastating thing.

The Adopted Approach In That Econs Tutor

Economics tutor and teacher Mr. Koh has a different method of understanding the extraction of data from the question.

A student should not consider the article as the basic reference. He should take his own knowledge about the topic as the basic reference. Moreover, a student should understand that essay is a test of his knowledge and not the information in the article. Using diagrams and definitions to extract data is going to be very helpful for him. His ability to see the given question and get hold of the relevant theory will get him ahead of the competition.

For instance, if question asks the students talk about the rising oil prices, then we know that demand and supply concept has a relationship with almost all the prices in the world and we can relate this theory to back our ideas which will be easier to write once we extract the supporting material from the question and article.

In this way, the student is able to identify hidden patterns and theme in the article and case study questions which are very helpful in predicting the structure of the answer.

Tuition Classes For Economics By Mr. Koh

Mr. Koh always focuses on how to study the question and understand what the case study question is demanding from the student in every Economics Tuition class. From the above break down, we can know that the case study question can be vaguely arranged in 4 different categories.

  1. Describe Data:

Time bound data comparing or summarizing data.

  1. Explain Data:

Looking into a change or explaining certain indicators’ mutual relationship.

  1. Evident Data:

Mentions sources and citation.

  1. Discussion Data:

This data discusses the topic with positive and negative sides of the topic for which thesis may be required.

If you want to get help directly from Mr. Koh regarding your tuition or if you want to improve the method provided here for clarity, you can sign up for economics tuition.

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