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Reasons why the English language is dominating the world

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We communicate with people using languages and it helps to convey our thoughts and ideas with other people. English has been a popular language for many decades and it is a norm that every people must have a basic knowledge of English. Though some may not want to learn other languages than their native ones and if you learn English it will help you in every field. Whenever we visit a place where we don’t know the language we try to communicate with people using English language. So if you travel to a place without knowing English then it can lead to a great problem. Not knowing English is basically frowned upon. Even China is hiring employees so that they can teach their citizens the English language. Well, there is much more reason why people prefer learning English and some of them are mentioned below.

Why learning English is important

  • It is very important to be fluent in speaking English as well as writing English. As it has become a global language so in every field people try to communicate using this language.
  • Learning English is easy because the alphabets are quite easy to understand when compared to any other language.
  • As it is a popular language hence most of the school provide education in the English language. And in every school, there is a special stress on learning English.
  • On 53 countries this language has been made official. So you can meet many people who know English.
  • If you want to secure a place in a multinational company then learning English is the first thing that you need to do. In the field of diplomacy, tourism, aviation, and science English have a great role.
  • It dominates the world of business. English is said to be the language of the professionals.
  • Most of the content of the Internet is available in the English language. Though you can easily translate it to another language and the content is present in the English language in 80% of the websites.

If you don’t have a sound knowledge of this language then you can also find many institutes that offer coaching classes to make you learn and speak English fluently. For proper English classes visit cours d’anglais Institut Linguistique¬†as here you can get a proper plan and the guarantee of speaking English with fluency. So don’t stay behind and join English classes.

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