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Education Like a Lifelong Process

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“I am so glad that we are nearly to complete our education,” a friend, John, explained a few days ago, beaming using the funny smile of the prisoner who’s relying on his fingers the rest of the times of his sentence. Rather of claiming “me too”, however, I stated seriously, “No, John, I do not think so. The thing is, education should be an ongoing process.” John looked at me in disbelief. Why, can there be more to education than likely to schools or colleges and landing a great job?

Yes, obviously, particularly in today’s China. Take college teachers for instance. Previously, college teachers trained exactly the same textbooks year in, year out. Tests also continued to be exactly the same. The questions or problems might be different, however they were simply variations on a single old styles. There is no need for teachers to pursue further education. Nowadays, however, there’s no such factor like a obvious line between students and teachers. Confronted with fierce competition for academic achievements, teachers need to pursue doctoral or perhaps publish-doctoral levels. Even tenured professors they are under the continual pressure to update their understanding in order to maintain the most recent academic development. Actually, this type of condition of matters is presently shared by all walks of existence.

This, however, does not necessarily mean that education plays a maximum of a utilitarian role within our existence. Aside from scholarly titles and likelihood of promotion, education also offers great effects on a person’s character. whenever we say someone is well educated, we don’t simply mean that she or he has accumulated plenty of understanding, but that she or he has high moral standards and EQ, is capable of doing critical, rational thinking, and it is able to stand up to all of the pressure in society. all of this, however, requires lifelong learning and practicing education cut short at the start of existence, therefore, can lead to an under-developed character.

Education like a lifelong process is essential for a person’s job, character and family. The word: “the first is never too old to understandInch remains a truth in our society.

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