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Begin Education as Early as Possible

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When it comes to teaching children, they are actually more capable of learning than many people believe. Many people believe that children do not gain the capacity for learning important and complex issues until about age four or five; that’s why school tends to begin around age five. However, children are learning from the moment they are born. They pick up concepts and ideas very quickly. Some recent research has found that children come to believe that certain things are normal and/or expected in as little as a month. They only have to see something done a certain way a few times to believe that’s the way in which it was meant to be done.

For example, if you wash the dishes and stack them on the drying rack in a certain way, your child will see that. After a couple of repeated exposures, your child will think that’s the normal way to stack dishes. If someone else does it differently, the child will think that such a process was done improperly. That is very important research when it comes to teaching children about physical, educational, and emotional interactions. They can learn from such exposures very quickly.

Early Learning

Your child can learn very quickly what sort of behaviours are expected and accepted. That means your child can learn good habits or bad habits. Also, their ability to learn is much more flexible when they are young. That’s why you probably remember things you learned in primary school much more clearly than you remember things you learned while attending a university. At Thrive early child care, professionals will help instil your child with good habits.

Good Habits

Knowledge is more than just learning things such as math and reading. There is also physical learning that will teach your child about eating and exercising. Eating and exercising well can be the beginning of lifelong habits that lead to healthy adulthood. The best way to do this is with the help of professionals who will teach your child about great habits. Such habits will mean learning to play responsibly and making it normal to eat in a healthy manner. Learning to play is important because it helps develop hand-eye coordination and proprioception. Also, your child will learn how to interact with other children in a responsible manner. Playtime is often more educational than anything that happens in a classroom.

During playtime, your child will learn how to share, how to cooperate with others, and how to move their body through space. These are all important skills that will help them greatly as they enter school and move into adulthood. A child who grows up with an appreciation of eating healthy and exercising is more likely to grow into a healthy adult.

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